For the practicing architect who is passionate about design, and seeks to gain a powerful COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE… that helps to win new clients, awards, and builds a legacy that only few architects ever create…

“This is YOUR chance to finally design world-class architecture… With the Multi-Sensory Design Innovation System that will help you create and present groundbreaking concepts in 12 weeks”

Here’s Why: Maria Lorena Lehman (one of the leading-experts on delivering exceptional building experiences) will teach you to apply the MSDI System to your designs… Created to give you a unique competitive advantage that positions you to be a leading-edge and in-demand architect.

The story behind the MSDI System

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Innovate Design, Win New Clients with the
Multi-Sensory Design Innovation System

As an architect, working long hours with the same old way of thinking and designing will leave your building projects lacking and prospective clients unimpressed. Those endless hours spent trying to create breakthrough designs without strategic and innovative methods is tiring and frustrating.

That is why I created the Multi-Sensory Design Innovation System. 

In 12 weeks, you will inject this System into your design and presentation process, all with my personalized mentoring to help you exceed your goals quickly, easily, and with great confidence.

Just imagine how, with this MSDI System, your designs will reach new heights as truly innovative ideas become creatively beautiful, highly functional, and deeply meaningful to help you design and present architectural solutions that get clients excited to work with you.

Because of the one-on-one mentoring I provide, I can only work with a small group of architects at a time. To secure your spot, please enroll promptly --- while there is still availability.


The Multi-Sensory Design Innovation System

The MSDI System contains three distinct parts. Each part builds upon the last.


Research & Mapping Phase


Innovation & Design Phase


Interaction & Presentation Phase

How It Works

This is a step-by-step, mentoring program, to learn and inject the MSDI System --- to enhance your design process and achieve your strategic goals. With unlimited direct access to Maria Lorena Lehman during the 12 weeks, you will work on a proposed case study project where you will get ongoing design feedback and critique, to expand your architectural design mindset and skillset to help you win new clients, win more awards, and position your firm at the leading-edge.

During this mentoring program, you will get the following:

  • MSDI System Core Trainings: Learn MSDI System principles and techniques, with strategies on how to apply the MSDI System to your firm’s design and presentation process. These trainings will show you how to use the MSDI System to quickly create innovative design solutions that pull from a deep understanding of your design problem, your client’s goals, and vision to create groundbreaking architecture.
  • MSDI System Case Study Trainings: Watch over Maria's shoulder as she implements the MSDI System on a case study project, so you can see the MSDI System strategies and techniques in action. Then, apply these methods, step-by-step, to your own proposed case study project with Maria’s direct guidance on how to use the MSDI System to seamlessly integrate and significantly enhance your own design and presentation process. You will learn to get to the ‘heart’ of your design problem and to create architectural designs that excite clients because they grasp the true value that your design solutions bring.
  • Ongoing Design Critiques: Receive ongoing design critiques by Maria Lorena Lehman that give you clear and insightful feedback on your MSDI System implementation into your proposed architectural design project. These critiques will push your architectural design project solutions and presentations to achieve a more beautiful, meaningful, and smart focus that your clients will love.
  • Unlimited direct access to Maria Lorena Lehman: By starting with the MSDI System Core Trainings as a launchpad to help you apply the MSDI System to your design and presentation process — you will get strategic guidance through email and personalized video communications to get your questions answered, to set and achieve your design goals, and to strategically challenge your design mindset and skillset to help give your architectural firm a competitive advantage that wins new clients and projects.

Will the MSDI System work for you?

*** PRE-REQUISITES: This is a brand new program that is only open to a small group of architects. In fact, this elite mentoring program is not open to everyone. There are certain pre-requisites:

  • You must be a practicing architect.
  • You must be able to model your design concept with computer modeling software (such as with SketchUp, Revit, Rhino, 3D Studio Max, etc)
  • You must be open to learning and using new state-of-the-art software programs to apply the MSDI System to your design process (I will show you how to do this, step-by-step)


MSDI System Mentoring Program

$800 USD



MSDI System Mentoring Program

$2000 USD



60 Day Iron Clad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your investment in this elite mentoring program is backed by my 60 Day Iron Clad 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Here is how it works:

When you enroll in the MSDI System Elite Mentoring Program today, you have a FULL 60 days to go through the program 100% risk-free. If you feel as if the mentoring program is not working for you, email me (Maria Lorena Lehman) at mll[AT], show me that you did the work, and I will issue a prompt and courteous refund where you will get 100% of your money back.

Why do I offer such an amazing guarantee?

I am confident that when you begin to learn and apply the MSDI System to your design process, your mind will expand, your designs will achieve new heights, and your clients will notice. So, let’s begin working together… I look forward to seeing you inside the MSDI System Program!

Create a Competitive Advantage for Your Career

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